12 08, 2011

Elissa: survivor, mother, navigator.

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Elissa was only 23 when she was first treated for breast cancer. After going two more rounds with the disease, she understood the journey and wanted to guide others who were travelling the same path. Now, she works with other breast cancer survivors, helping them to navigate the rough spots. Click below to hear her story.

26 01, 2011

Erik’s foundation, first shaken, then created

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Erik was a successful entrepreneur with a young family when he was diagnosed with leukemia.  His battle against the disease, and the friends he made along the way, inspired him to found The There Goes My Hero Foundation.  His organization's mission: to restore hope to Leukemia patients and their families through increasing bone marrow registrants, providing nutritious meals, and supporting blood cancer research.

20 06, 2010

CJ’s mission

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Dian “CJ” Corneliussen-James, a retired Air Force intelligence officer, saw a need to support those who, like her, have metastatic breast cancer.  Now, she is the chairman of METAvivor Research and Support, a program run by and for those with the disease. Click below to hear more.  

30 05, 2010

Jeffrey’s Music Library

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Jeffrey Liss was a natural leader whose work as an attorney was often dedicated to advocating for the public interest. In addition to helping those in need, Jeffrey was passionate about music and, in it, found great comfort and empowerment, especially during his fight against pancreatic cancer. He shared his passion by creating a music library to benefit other patients being treated at Johns Hopkins. Click below to hear more.  

16 05, 2010

Barbara’s Blankets

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Gary Metz has lost two wives to cancer. Here, he talks about his second wife, Barbara Levine, who made quilts for her two daughters as a way to leave behind her warmth and love.