5 01, 2012

Jennifer’s husband-ectomy

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Jennifer is a young woman who has battled three different cancers. At age 27 - two years after surviving her first bout with breast cancer - Jennifer realized she had been "plodding along" in a relationship with her husband in which her wellbeing was not a priority. "I think it was the cancer that was kind of the kick in the pants that I needed," she says. "So I had a husband-ectomy." These days, she chooses to focus not on stress but on what she has that others may lack. "I get to come home to my family every night and tuck my kids into bed and there's a lot of other people I've met along the way that don't get to do that." Click below to hear her story.

5 01, 2012

Maria paints

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When artist Maria Lanas spent time in the hospital with her father-in-law, Shapour,during his cancer treatments, she was inspired by the drops of chemotherapy medicine falling inside of his IV bottle.   She imagined the fluid mixing with his blood and later created a series of paintings called, "Infusions."  She calls the paintings a gift from her father-in-law.  "It was a release for me," she says.  "Art has been a good friend of mine." Click below to hear her story.

6 10, 2011

Deb Stewart

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Deb Stewart has battled breast cancer twice.  A nurse by training, she now works with breast cancer survivors, lending her support and wisdom gleaned from experience.  Her work is not only valuable to patients, it's rewarding for Deb.  Or, as she puts it, "You get more than you give." Click below to hear her story.

12 08, 2011

Elissa: survivor, mother, navigator.

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Elissa was only 23 when she was first treated for breast cancer. After going two more rounds with the disease, she understood the journey and wanted to guide others who were travelling the same path. Now, she works with other breast cancer survivors, helping them to navigate the rough spots. Click below to hear her story.

11 08, 2011

Miles for Melanoma

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Kevin Stenstrom was a marathon runner and a Naval Flight officer who, during a routine physical, was diagnosed with melanoma. After several surgeries and months of cancer therapy, Kevin founded team Miles 4 Melanoma, a program that provides runners with coaching and individual training plans, all the while raising money to support the Melanoma Research Foundation. Click below to hear his story.

17 07, 2011

Carrie’s Weekend of Well-being

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For Carrie Wells, a powerful and positive part of surviving breast cancer was attending a retreat with women who shared similar journeys.   Being surrounded by other survivors was a chance for connection, education, relaxation and healing. So moved was Carrie by the retreat experience, she felt compelled to help other cancer survivors find equally valuable opportunities. Carrie launched, a website that offers a comprehensive, searchable database of cancer survival retreats. Click below to hear her story.

16 07, 2011

Edel’s Semi-Colon Club

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Edel Blumberg  was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 47.  Despite undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, the disease returned three years later.  After another course of treatment, Edel founded the Semi-Colon Club, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about colon cancer prevention, screening and treatment.  Or, as Edel likes to say, colon cancer is preventable, treatable and beatable.  Click below to hear his story.

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