Dr. Lipson is an oncologist in Baltimore, Maryland.  His primary interest is in clinical research with a focus on melanoma.

Dr. Lipson received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from the University of Maryland in 1996. After working as a producer at CNN’s “Larry King Live” for a few years, he completed a post-baccalaureate program at Georgetown University in preparation for medical school. Before matriculating, he worked at the General Clinical Research Center at Georgetown Hospital, where he developed an interest in cancer research. He received his medical degree in 2005 from the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City, where he graduated with distinction in research. He completed his medical training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Production Volunteers


Fritzi Bodenheimer works in news radio as a producer, announcer and writer.  She also teaches college level communication courses and is the co-author of The Woman’s Public Speaking Handbook.





Dan Frome works in audio production as a producer, editor, and engineer. As a specialist in sound preservation and archiving, he has produced and engineered projects for the National Archives and Library of Congress. He has a recording studio in Baltimore and also works as a touring sound technician.



Joe Yontosh is a freelance audio engineer that works in all types of audio production: music, editing, sound for video and more.  He attended school in Nashville, Tennessee and is currently looking for more work