Click on the links below to meet some remarkable patients who have found ways to add life to their days – to live every day to the fullest. I hope the stories are encouraging and meaningful for other patients and their families. Please click on “Share Your Story” to write about your journey or that of a loved one. Making the most of every day takes many forms, so feel free to think outside the box.

Maria paints

Maria paints

When artist Maria Lanas spent time in the hospital with her father-in-law, Shapour, during his cancer treatments, she was inspired by the drops of chemotherapy medicine falling inside his IV bottle.   She imagined the fluid mixing with his blood and later created a...

Mr. Krobisch goes to Baltimore

Mr. Krobisch goes to Baltimore

After Gerry Krobisch was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, he and his wife moved from New York to Baltimore, just a few blocks from his daughter and two of his grandsons, ages 3 and 5. Living in Baltimore meant he was able to see his grandkids almost every day -...

Annie the Mermaid

Annie the Mermaid

Several years after Annie Applegarth battled sarcoma, she joined the Mermaids, a group of swimmers that raises money for cancer research.  Before her diagnosis she had never spent much time in the water.  Now her friends and family cheer as she finishes up a mile....

Carrie’s Weekend of Well-being

For Carrie Wells, a powerful and positive part of surviving breast cancer was attending a retreat with women who shared similar journeys.   Being surrounded by other survivors was a chance for connection, education, relaxation and healing. So...

Edel’s Semi-Colon Club

Edel Blumberg  was diagnosed with colon cancer at age 47.  Despite undergoing surgery and chemotherapy, the disease returned three years later.  After another course of treatment, Edel founded the Semi-Colon Club, an organization dedicated to spreading awareness about...

Mike’s Travels

After being diagnosed with lung cancer, Mike traveled to his high school reunion, the Grand Canyon, and his own backyard. Click below to hear more.

Robert’s New Outlook

Robert Burkhart was a bitter man who was estranged from his family for many years before being diagnosed with lung cancer. Now that’s all changed. Click below to hear more.

Jerry’s Walk on Washington

Jerry Sorkin created “Breathe Deep DC,” a 5K walk to celebrate survivors, remember loved ones and raise money for lung cancer. Click below to hear more.

JoAnn’s exercises

At every turn, patients who are seriously ill lose control of their bodies. Disease wreaks havoc on humans – lack of appetite, muscle wasting, depression, weight loss – the list goes on. And if all that weren’t enough, the treatment for the disease is often times...

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“The goal is to live a full, productive life even with all that ambiguity. No matter what happens… the important thing is that the days that you have had you will have lived.”
-Gilda Radner

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